Madeeha Samad

E-learning/Curriculum Design
Hi everyone! I’m an Program Coordinator/E-learning/ Curriculum Specialist. I love to kayak and bike. I can speak Malay (points if you ever heard of this language!).

Newbie here...

Hello every, I’m really happy to join this community. My name is Madeeha currently in the UAE but will be immigrating to Canada soon! I grew up in Brunei ( please tell me you’ve heard of this place) then moved to the UK and now I’m here in the UAE!

Β I started off as a research assistant then moved into College Teaching where I became a mentor to newly qualified instructors. In my current organisation I was an Academic Program Coordinator where I oversaw all aspect of staff and teacher training and it is here where I started getting the feel that I might want to move into ID. I was then promoted to my current role as e-learning/ curriculum designer. I took on some courses and made about short instructional videos and moving out course completely online due to the pandemic.Β  While I was workingΒ  on the project for my department, I started dabbling with e-learning tools like Captivate, Camtasia and articulate. Still at beginner level :)

Although I did not use it as much as others. I’m still practising and still studying! It’s such an amazing area to explore.Β 

I’m looking to connect with other instructional designers and would love tips and maybe guidance/mentorship as I transition into this role completely. Β 

Again thank you for having me in the group and look forward to connect with you all gurus and learn, learn, learn...!

P/S anyone found out where Brunei is?
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