Brian Shipe

Instructional Designer | eLearning Developer
Hey there! My name is Brian Shipe and I'm an Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer. I love learning. I can't get enough new information. I am constantly reading books, listening to podcasts and audio books or watching videos on new things.

New Website

All, I said last month that I was going to update my website. Here it is! Tim, I used your basic nav as a reference. 

I am still working on the text but I would love your feedback on the look and feel. Also, I updated my portfolio! Thanks!
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For Anyone who is interested.

Was contacted about this position today. Could have potential for those who want to reach out. 
Instructional Designer 07172019.docx
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Hello! Getting More Involved in the Community

Hey Everyone! I'm Brian. I've been in the field for 3 years. I got my Master's in Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies from Florida State University. These first three years have been quite the journey. I've been trying to get a hold of all of the different knowledge and skills that can only be learned through experience and challenges you face as a new educator and Instructional Designer. I'm happy to say that I have my legs under me now and am starting to participate in the community a lot more. I am trying to meet new people, gain new partners and/or clients and keep pressing towards the goal of eventually working only for myself and then growing into a small agency. I love the outdoors and going to the beach (hence the image). I ride bikes a lot, am a foodie and love working out with my lovely wife. I hope to learn as much as I can from everyone! 
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