Lindsay A Patton

Teacher transitioning to Instructional Design
Hi everyone. I'm a former teacher who is currently enrolled in a master's program for Instructional Design/ Educational Technology.
I just wanted to post an update. I made it through the initial interview that I needed advice for. Yesterday was my third and final interview and a "meet the team" of sorts. I'm feeling incredibly confident at the moment and feel like they will offer me the job next week. I couldn't have done this without everyone's advice and support. Even if I don't get it, I feel like I've grown my interview skills. Thanks everyone! This group is the best :) 
 Sarah Redman  I watched it yesterday :) I appreciate the response and look forward to see what  Tim Slade  has up his sleeves for the future. 
 Tim Slade  I think that one of my biggest issues is trying to recreate myself into the version of me that I think employers want to hire. I'll try to approach this one more authentically. That already sounds less intimidating! I'm going to work on putting together a list of questions to ask them also. I tend to forget what I wanted to ask by the time we get to that portion of the interview! 

Thanks so much for responding. Everyone's advice has been very helpful and I feel much better about the process now :) 
 Jacob Broadhead  Yeah, I'm trying to prepare for a wide variety of questions. I know someone who works for this company and she said that the interview questions tend to lean toward behavioral topics. I joined the Mock Interview Workshop on TPLD to help me prepare and I am going to enlist a friend to help me practice. 

Thanks again for your response and for the great article! 
 Jacob Broadhead  Thanks for sharing that article. I've always struggled with anxiety and have been working on multiple ways to calm it (grounding, etc.). I really like this idea of reframing it though. This is incredibly helpful and I printed it out as a reminded when I start to feel anxious :) 
Hi Sarah, 

Thank you so much. I think my nerves are the worst part of interviewing. I swear my mind goes blank and my mouth just keeps talking *ugh*. I'm going to work on challenging my nervous/anxious feelings into excitement. I also love the advice to make it more less like an interview and more like curious inquiry. 

I really appreciate your advice! I'm going to keep practicing and actually signed up for a mock interview workshop last night so that I can practice in a more authentic space. 

Thanks again! 
 Lisa Rollins  That makes perfect sense. Thank you! I'm going to look at all of my practice questions and see how I can answer them while highlighting the skills in the job description. 
    •  Jacob Broadhead  , thanks! I'm experiencing some fairly severe imposter syndrome at the moment so I appreciate the reminder that I have the skills- I just need to translate them to this new context. Thanks for the webinar suggestion also. I actually attended that one live and then reached out to Amy afterward. She was also very kind and supportive of my journey. I'm meeting so many talented folks who are also incredibly kind and generous.   Tim Slade  I watched the recording of your talk with Erica Zimmer and it was really helpful and encouraging. Thank you both for the suggestions and support!