Lindsay A Patton

Teacher transitioning to Instructional Design
Hi everyone. I'm a former teacher who is currently enrolled in a master's program for Instructional Design/ Educational Technology.

Internship Interview

Hi Everyone,Β 

I hope it's ok to post this here.Β 

I'm hoping to get advice regarding an upcoming interview for an ID internship.Β 

I received a call from a recruiter today and we chatted about the position and my qualifications. I feel like that part of it went pretty well and he said that formal interviews begin in approx. two weeks and that he will be touching base with me about details.

This will be my first interview since leaving my teaching job. I've been researching the company and practicing answers to interview questions, but I'm wondering if anyone has any advice or resources that can help me build some confidence/calm my nerves about interviewing. Also, if anyone could share what has worked/not worked for you when interviewing.

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I'm Lindsay and it's so nice to be here. I'm a former middle school language arts teacher. I quit my job after the 2019-2020 school year due to the pandemic. As soon as I realized that I wasn't going back, I enrolled in a master's program for instructional design and educational technology. I'm in my 3rd semester now and have learned so much. I was feeling pretty confident about everything until I realized that even most entry-level ID positions require prior experience. I hope to learn as much as possible from this community (and once I do, to share my knowledge with others in my current position).Β 

This has been an overwhelming but rewarding journey so far and I am excited to learn and grow within this field.Β 

I look forward to talking with you all :)Β 
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