Nele Segers

e-learning instructional designer, L&D
I'm a starting e-learning instructional designer with a background in F2F trainings, blended trainings and have been volunteering as subject matter expert for specific topics.

Feedback asked on first 'Game'

Hi All,

I would love to have some honest constructive feedback on a sensitization game I'm building as a demo. Mainly about your experience as a participant.

But first I want to put things into context:
A few years ago I developed a board game (old school, paper and dices) to sensitize about a very sensitive topic. Now we are looking to develop this game. As I don't have the skills and or time, we will need to find a donor (not my job). To help convince a possible donor, I used the Articulate challenge of this week to elaborate a demo version of the game.

Please consider:
  • It's ment to show how the sensitization game will evolve, not to show graphics (that I cannot do)
  • this version is a very simplyfied version of what it should become (> 200 slides) and oversimplyfies at this moment a very complex topic. I'm well aware of that. The final version is closer to reality.
  • There will still be spelling mistakes in the game - you are allowed to ignore them
  • It's a very sensitive topic. The idea is not to start a heavy discussion on the topic.

It's the first time I use random generation of numbers to track things (like money, gestation) and to select scenario's in some places. So love to hear where I can improve.
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Analogue upbringing

Who of you grew up in an analogue world*?

Do you think it affects your job as instructional designer / graphic designer /...? If yes: how so?

* as guidance I would say you did not have access to internet before you were 16/17/18 years old.
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Diversity in e-learnings

Is there anyone else here that takes diversity into consideration when developping an e-learning? I often find that a lot of e-learnings do mainly figure 'white' 'non-handicaped' people. 

When I develop trainings myself, I try to be more inclusive and include people from different racial backgrounds (not only 'black', but also people with other backgrounds). I still fail to include -thus far- people that are using a wheelchair or other tools to get by. Unless of course it's part of the subject of the training.

How do you deal with it when developing visual materials? Would you use some kind of ratio according to the population you design the content for (I try to look at my work environment, but I guess that might be different in the places where you work)? Do you not consider it at all?

Curious to hear what you all do.

PS: let me know if the terms I use to point at a diverse group of people are incorrect and let me know which terms are more appropriate to use, as I'm not that well versed in English. I do by no means intend to be disrespectful to anyone.
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From the Old Continent

Born, raised an actually living in Belgium, although I have been working all around the world (from Afghanistan to Haiti) for an NGO called Doctors Without Borders (MSF). 

Like many of you, my road into e-learning development has been a puzzle where all the pieces of experience added up to where I am now: a newbie on the active side of e-learning development. 
I started as a midwife in the field where I gave tons of bedside training, to grow into the function of a mentor for new expat midwives, then to medical responsible for a maternity with 700 beds and finally sexual violence and sexual reproductive health referent for the MSF Spain branche.
It's in that last job that I started working with our L&D to see how we could best reach our volunteers in the field, spread all over the world. With my training degree and actual field experience, I had a very successful collaboration with the L&D team to create both e-learnings and blended learning solutions.  From their on I wanted to know more, learn more and be able to accomplish more in the world of digital learning.

At the moment I work in an L&D department of a health care group with around 4000 emplyees. The transition to e-learning in Belgium is only now taking off. I feel we are behind of what we were able to do in Spain. So I have been pushing to explore the broader options. And of course, taking a course in e-learning development was only the logical next step, as this allows me not only to push but also to pull in the right direction.
Hopefully I can dedicate myself more to learning development, with blended methods being my preferred way to go at the moment.

I join this group in the hope to learn more from people with a broader experience and/or specific skills.
It seems I'm not bad in the instructional design and find 'storytelling' the natural way to go, but don't ask me to do any graphic designs (I do not really have an eye for it). I can work with Articulate Storyline and Rise, but I'm sure many among you are far more skilled than I am.

(Sorry, that seems to be quite a long introduction.)
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