Yi-Ting Chang

Learning Facilitator & Mentor
Hi everyone! I am a PhD candidate in English and Women's Studies at Penn State. I love helping people learn and make knowledge accessible.
Hi Emily,Β I am glad you are here! Would be happy to connect.Β 
ο»Ώ Daniel Leitch ο»ΏΒ Thank you, Daniel! Nice meeting you here and I'm glad that I'm not doing this transition alone!Β 
Thank you, Tim! I'm enjoying being part of this community--it does make me feel less alone in the process of transitioning from one career to another. I hope I will be able to pay forward in the future!Β 
Hello Alicia! Please feel free to link with me.😊 Happy to chat! 
ο»Ώ Leticia Montelongo ο»ΏΒ These are great tips and advice! Thank you for sharing!