Michael Dettner

Senior Instructional Designer: DIRTT Environmental Solutions, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hello, I've been in the Instructional Design field for over ten years. I'm originally from Nashville, Tennessee, but moved to Canada two years ago. I love all things travel and food related!

Hello from Calgary!

I started my adult life as a public school music teacher in Indiana...and immediately realized that I HATED it! So I returned to school and became a licensed psychologist and practiced in that field for years. Finally, I left clinical practice and became a trainer/SME for a health promotion company in Nashville, TN.
Then, two years ago, out of the blue, my husband was recruited to be the Artistic Director a large international film festival here in Calgary. So here we are...loving life in Canada! 
Shortly after moving here (NOT an easy undertaking!!), I found a great new job as an Instructional Designer at DIRTT Environmental Solutions, an environmentally conscious company that designs, manufactures, and builds upscale, sustainable interiors. 
So yeah...from music to psychology to construction! Who knows what's next for me? Hopefully unbounded wealth and fame.
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