Judy Katz

I make stuff that helps people learn.
Since 1997, I've worked in education and training design, development, and delivery. I'm now both an instructional designer and the product manager for PeBL Pro. I have a passion for great design and technology, usability, and social justice.

Hello, I'm Judy Katz

Hello, everyone! My name is Judy Katz and I'm coming up on 25 (!) years in training and instructional design. I write and speak a lot about the software we use in our field, as well as user testing, xAPI, and social justice issues (that's me Tricia Ransom above, presenting at DevLearn 2018 -- most terrifying career moment ever).

Recently my career has taken a really cool shift and while I'm still an instructional designer some of the time, I'm now also a product manager for a really really really neat authoring tool called PeBL Pro. So I want to make sure that I keep my ears open and stay up on what's important to instructional designers from all sectors, industries, and perspectives. 

Feel free to reach out to me for any reason!
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