Sarah Redman

Hi from London! Looking forward to collaborating in this great space. After 27 yrs in the rail industry, 10 of them in training, I'm now ready to try something new! Loving the intense learning curve shift to online and e-learning. Speak soon I hope:)

London calling! 🌍

Hi everyone, I’m loving reading all your stories from round the world, what a rich depth of experience there is hereπŸ˜€

I have just left my safe railway job after 27 years and I’d love to move into the ID world. I was a classroom trainer for the last 10 years and like many others spent the last 14 months transferring and adapting all our classroom training to online. It was very scrambled and very home made initially, with late night transferring of paper exams onto Microsoft forms and then invigilating the candidates (or their ceilings!) via MS teams on iphones etc. Cue an intense learning curve and a slightly more professional approach after finding out about different online tools and the amazing Articulate Rise. I found that I absolutely loved creating those little Rise nuggets and the feedback was so positive I wish I'd got out of the learners way years ago!😜 

I now have a few months to develop my skills and put a portfolio together, with a hope of going freelance in September. Tim’s e-learning designers academy seems like the perfect place to start and this collaborative space is a brilliant initiative too, thank you.

My goals this year are:
Β·Β  Β  Β  Β To set up a collaborative learning network amongst UK rail operating companies; its still quite a prehistoric industry.
Β·Β  Β  Β  Β To become a freelance e-learning designer, or work flexi-time for a company
Β·Β  Β  Β  Β To become a foster parent; my priority and the reason for needing flexible working

So, a ton of learning to do for all those and I’m very happy to be amongst such a great crew of people to start with 😊 

The photo above is the clue to the railway company I worked for. Can you guess which one?
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