Bertalan Köles

E-Learning Designer
I´m a former official expert. I started in presentation design, corporate training 6 years ago. This led me to E-Learning, throughout the years I have developed myself into an E-Learning Designer. Happy to be here!

Can Learndash add and track SCORM?

Hello, anybody works with Learndash? I haven´t used it, and just found it´s actually a Wordpress plugin. I see many people use it, but it´s not so clear how many plugins are actually needed for a simple use.

Can you upload and track SCORM on Learndash? 

Toonly and/or Talkia? Text to Speech Software, plus animating characters - explainer videos..

Anybody has experience with these apps? 

I just got the fbook ads, promoting the one time special, lifetime deal, seems very interesting but also confusing at the same time. 

Seems like both software are made by "Bryxen" and not sure what´s the difference. Also the same pricing, same one time special deal. 

It is a REAL demand, and solution, to have such an all in one software when it comes to voiceovers, character animations, etc but why would be there seemigly exactly 2 different tools for the same outcome, by the same company..? 

Has anybody used these tools? If so, what´s the experiene? Worth the one time special price? 

My E-Learning Portfolio

Hey everyone!

I finally put my portfolio together. It´s a one pager, as interactive PDF, with video hyperlinks in it. (attached you can find the PDF) 

Some (constructive) feedbacks would be appreciated.


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My E-Learning Portfolio

Hey everyone!

I finally put my portfolio together. It´s a one pager, as interactive PDF, with video hyperlinks in it. (attached you can find the PDF) 

Some (constructive) feedbacks would be appreciated.


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Freelancing as a subcontractor

Thanks  Tim Slade  and  Kimberly Goh  for the awesome webinar about freelancing from yesterday! 

May I ask to continute here one exact topic from the conversation?
Namely, the subcontractor option, that you Tim brought up. I would love to hear some more insights about that. You mentioned, that ELearning Guys for example looking for such support all the time, would you mind to explore this type of project hunting, how it works for us as IDs, how did you find such projects exactly? How would you hunt for such projects, regardless of the location (US, Europe, Asia, wherever the opportunity may be). If I understood you well, you rather recommend this option for those who have a full or part time position (as employee) at a company. 

Kimberly, or anyone else with experience about this, would be also great to hear from you! 
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The fine line between E-Learning Designer and SME

Hi guys, I often run into a principal question, when it´s kind of blur what belongs to the SME and to the E-Learning Designer. 

I have been on both extreme ends:
1) When there is no SME at all and customer expects me to be the expert of the topic too, simply based on some documents shared. 
2) When customer wants to tell everything exactly how the course should be executed in every single step, with all its details, which would put me only in the passive copy-paster role. 

I believe the solution is somewhere in between. I think a the designer should be able to consult, coach the SME in case of need (and will) in overall visual design, user experience. For instance the healthy amount, and type of content. On the other hand I find it the SME´s responsibility to have a very clear structure about what´s important and what´s not in the topic, so that the Designer can focus on the right information, keywords when it comes to building exercises. 

Not many SMEs write a full script based on my experience, but I always expect at least an outline, a table of content with some basic abstracts for the chapters. The challange most of the time, that there is really no exact SME, rather just a collection of documents, researches, in which case you have to rely on many assumptions. Even then at least a person has to be there to deliver the outline. Without outline it doesn´t make sense to even start a project. 

What I enjoy the most, when this fine line is clarified and I can really focus on translating the SMEs knowledge into visuals, interactions, into a complete digital learning experience. 

What´s your take on this? 
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"When will you be ready" - the evergreen question

Hi colleagues, 

I would love to hear your experience regarding this evergreen question, which we get from customers, team leaders, managers, bosses, etc. 

How can/could/would you answer this question in "general"? 

Coming from the presentation design business, I know exactly what an agency work means, and I also know, that it is big time qualification, expertise and experience related question. After x amount of projects, you have a good feeling for this and you can control the customer much better (and you better be, otherwise customer will drain you). However, E-Learning is a much more complicated process (simply the technology related challanges), there are just so many factors, mutliple professions included, that are completely out of your control. Furthermore, endless bugs from customer´s LMS, IT related specifics where you need at least an IT Admin, design process (which simply takes time), teaching expertise (rather andragogy), project management, graphic design, video design, motion design, filming, audio, UX, UI, Tracking, LMS, and many more.. 

I decided to go with the "at least" phrase, for which I can take the responsibility but I realized, it doesn´t matter either, as 90% of the clients, bosses, etc simply just brutally underestimate the necessary time and resources for a given project and I kind of always end up justifying my work. I always have the feeling, the route of the problem is that they think "what´s the big deal, it´s just artiuclate rise, I could do it myself, if I had the time, and storyline, that´s just like PowerPoint", etc... Some admit, some don´t but almost all of them seem not to respect this as a profession. 

It´s my 3rd year as an E-Learning designer, I have roughly 25-30 projects behind me, I learned many things the hard way, had multiple burnouts because of the endless extra hours. I always needed a little break, then I got back to it and kept going, as it´s truly my passion, it would not be possible without this genuine passion, that´s for sure. But I have trouble overcoming this question, and I would like to know what´s your experience with this, how do you handle, what is your strategy? 

Currently I can´t afford to outsource and hire workforce for my projects. Still I always have certain amount of "material costs" but I have to do most things by myself, especially in graphic design, that´s one of my USPs, I´m not able to give out work from my hand without proper visuals. Of course I could say no, and do the quick and dirty solution, and really do the simply copy paste into a rise course but that´s not how I work. 

It would be great to hear your thoughts on that, also if you could add yours, Tim, that would be awesome.  

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Hi guys! This is Bertalan, I´m very glad to join this community! 

I´m an E-Learning Designer from Berlin, Germany (and from Budapest, Hungary), I have been following Tim´s work for the last 2 years. 

My career in L&D started kind of 10 years ago, when I gave some Workshops, lectures to fellow students about Effective Learning Methodology, Mindmapping. One thing led to another. Couple of years later, I became a expert. Then some years later, an E-Learning Designer. 

I´m always excited to connect with like minded people and share epxeriences all around E-Learning, L&D.  

Looking forward to connect with you guys! 
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