Gabi Rodrigues

Instructional Designer
I'm a lifelong learner, instructional designer, organizational development manager, and mom of two kiddos who are my daily inspiration! ❀

Happy to be here!

Hello everybody!

I'm Gabi =)

I am from Brazil, but have been living in PanamΓ‘ since 2013. My background is in language teaching (English and Portuguese) and I’ve worked as an Instructor Manager, where training and development played a big role. I learned about Instructional Design in April this year and have been immersing myself on it since then with great passion. I am realizing how much I enjoy it, especially the development part. I currently work as an Organizational Development Manager in startup company and am responsible for designing the Onboarding experience.Β 

I have been following Tim's content for a while now and it has been tremendously helpful during my journey! That's why I finally joined the community and look forward to learning more and contributing however I can!

See you around! πŸ€—
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