Instructional Designer
Career has been mostly in Education and Technology areas - teaching, technical support, curriculum development, training, and instructional design.
 Tim Slade  I obv failed to re-read what I wrote...apologies. It should have read "I would SOOOO like a more modern looking site. There are not a ton of design options in myEfolio from what I have seen so far..."
I will check out those templates and make a plan to switch over - hopefully soon! :)
I would SOOOO like a more modern looking site. There are not a ton of design options from what I have seen so far...there are a lot of ways to customize the various widgets but not so much the overall design. They have some templates last I checked but not much beyond that... Sadly rn, while in full-time job search mode, I am not in a position to pay for additional tools, but I can plan for it and start looking at possible design options. Thank you!
Hello everyone. I am fairly new to the community but have been reading through some posts etc. I just finished reviewing Tim's two videos/posts on eLearning portfolios. I have considered moving my portfolio (and I use that term loosely - it is older and not much in it) to WordPress for years. I even went as far as downloading WP and purchasing a domain name. Managed hosting was not an option at the time so I was looking into doing it myself. I still consider that since I have been increasing my web development skillset and have worked in the tech field for most of my career. Finally my question - here is my current portfolio. It is in myeFolio - got it while in college. I want to make a decision on moving it or not. Prefer Wordpress since I know it the best, but also considering Carbonmade or Squarespace. Looking for advice on what to consider...happy to provide more details, as needed. Did not want this post to be even longer! haha
 Glow  thank you for sharing, and thanks to others for comments - it was helpful to read this interaction. Question: For most of the interviews I have been a part of, I have contact info (email/name) for one person, maybe two. (and sometimes one of those people is form HR or is an Admin Assistant and not a part of the actual interview. How do you get the names of people to invite?