Brian Melody

Aspiring Instructional eLearning Designer; Teacher, Music Educator
I love God, family, teaching, and music. I enjoy Gopher Sports, running, reading, travel, breweries & time w/ friends. I also love warm weather...why do I live in Minnesota?!

Music Educator to eLearning Designer/Developer

(*Re-Posting - I posted this Friday in the discussion page, but thought it was better suited for this introductions page.)

Hello from Minnesota!  I am currently a middle school music educator teaching Band, electronic music, and guitar classes.  Although I vastly prefer teaching middle school-age students in-person at school, I got a taste of online and eLearning instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic and enjoyed designing it.  I am at a point in my career (17 years of teaching) where I would like to grow professionally, learn new skills, enter the corporate world, and add flexibility.  
After researching an eLearning career path I felt like I did not know what steps to take, but was very excited to discover the eLearning Academy!  I look forward to learning more about adult learning theory, using Articulate Storyline, and creating a portfolio.  My goal is to complete this certification and begin seeking a position as an eLearning designer/developer in a corporate setting.  

Oh, and I also love warm weather...why do I live in MN?!
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