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Image Quality in Zoom Regions (Storyline 360)

I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue in Storyline before - every image I have in a zoom region becomes badly pixilated when reviewing the slide, publishing to the Review site, and even after selecting the highest graphical quality setting and publishing out to the lms.

I have tried the following:

  • Importing images as EMF or WMF - this was recommended by the Storyline support site and actually results in worse pixilation than importing as a jpg or png. 

  • Ensuring the size of the pictures imported into Storyline is at actual size with no adjustments.

When I import the picture in, it's not pixilated at all - it's clear on the slide as I'm building it.  The picture only becomes pixilated once I preview or export the project.

Thank you!


Freelancers - what do you charge?

As the title states - what do you charge?

An hourly rate or a flat fee depending on what's being built?

What do you charge for the initial consultation?  How much time do you budget?

Thank you!
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Question regarding Action Mapping and new employee training


First, I'm relatively new to ID - about 3 years in and I've recently taken to Action Mapping which has changed everything about how I approach the planning stage of development (for the better).

I work with restaurant brands and I'm currently in the process of evaluating and replacing outdated content, starting with the Learning Paths we use to train new employees during their first week.

I'm struggling with writing a measurable business goal for training new employees which, to this point, has been 'here's all this information.'

I thought I'd tie new employee training to improving turnover - which is very high for all restaurant brands - but I don't have access to that data as the brands we serve are mostly franchised and they aren't required to report their turnover rates.

My plan currently is to pick what's important for a new employee to be able to do on their first day at each brand, building a blended training approach focused on that one thing, branching out from there.  I'm just having a difficult time identifying measurable goals.

I'm wondering if anyone else has action mapped a new employee course and how they approached the business goal aspect of it?

Thank you!
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