Brody Rauch

Senior Training Manager, AT&T
Hello! I'm currently a Senior Training Manager for AT&T with a desire to move into the Instructional Design world. I like creating videos, taking nature photos with phone or Sony Camera, and reading old books. I also dabble in playing the piano.
When I started this course with the intent to transition to Instructional Design, I was also in the market for a new laptop for home.  I have been using Mac laptops and an IMac desktop for probably 20 years or more, but decided to switch to a Windows laptop for ease of use with the various Windows programs used for aspects of Instructional Design.  

I purchased an HP Envy x360 laptop for about $1000 that had the lowest end specs I would want with a price I was willing to pay.  It has an Intel ICore 7 processor, 16 GB of RAM, a 15-inch screen that is also a touch screen, and so far works well for what I need to do.  The only downside is that the Harddrive is rather small at 500 GB.  I do have an external drive I can use as a backup, so not too worried.  I had seen some good reviews as far as the ICore 7 keeping it running efficiently without heating up much when doing things like editing video regularly.  Another perk for this laptop is that the screen can completely fold to the backside of the laptop and make it function pretty much like a tablet when you add in the touchscreen feature.  
The little bit I know about how NPS works at the company I work for, I believe we set our own NPS benchmarks for the various organizations in the company that the employees need to try to meet.  I know the level that is set is to constantly work on competing with competitor companies.  I don't know if they know exactly how or what the other companies do, but there is focus to compete.  Some of it is related to a list that comes out for technology companies each year as to how they are rated by the public who consume their products, specifically in the wireless, cell phone, fiber run internet field.  That rating, I think, directly reflects on the NPS scores created and tracked internally for employees and their performance in their role.

You may simply need to try to decide as a company, based on the benchmarks you have set and the data you do have access to for the last few years, to get a sense of what is possible as far as improvement goes and measure that.  Not sure what that looks like, whether related to increase in sales, customer satisfaction scores, etc.  It might just be a focus on internal improvement because the company simply wants to perform better as a company, without focusing on outside competition. You might have to collect more data by observing how the employees perform and see if there are specific ways that performance can improve.  
 Jim Brown  I used wordpress for a website in the past, but didn't know there is an Articulate plugin to host courses through a Wordpress site.  I have had a project in mind for a while now and this would be one way that I could implement my personal project without needing an LMS.  I will look more at what you have done and see what else I can learn.