Brody Rauch

Senior Training Manager, AT&T
Hello! I'm currently a Senior Training Manager for AT&T with a desire to move into the Instructional Design world. I like creating videos, taking nature photos with phone or Sony Camera, and reading old books. I also dabble in playing the piano.

My fictional Webistia company course.

I have finally created a fucntional course from scratch using the fictional Webistia company option that you, Tim, provided for us.

I do realize that I need to remove a few "Previous and Next" buttons from some of the earlier slides and fix the scroll option in a few text boxes for the answer responses, but feel free to give any feedback that would help me make it better.ย  Thanks in advance. I'm hoping to get this to a good enough quality to put in on my portfolio site once I get it set up.
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Hello to all. ย My name is Brody Rauch and I am new, a beginner, to Instructional Design, for the most part. ย I have been a Corporate Trainer for. AT&T for the last 6 years with the employees of different departments as the clients for our in-company training department. ย I have facilitated both in-classroom and virtual classes. ย Over the past year and a half, I have had the opportunity to help the Design teams transfer in-classroom curriculum to a web-based platform to focus more on virtual learning, whether leader-led or self-paced. ย In conjunction with that, I have been able to help create many self-help training videos using Camtasia. ย I am excited about Instructional Design and would like to learn and highly consider moving in that direction full-time and move away from facilitation itself. ย I have completed many LinkedIn courses, some offered by you, Tim, on the different Adobe platform apps used for Instructional Design, such as Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premier. as well as on Articulate Storyline and a few others. ย I would really like to gain more proficiency in using some of these apps, and would like to start with your courses here to begin developing a Portfolio and move forward from there.
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