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Hi Everyone! I'm an Instructional Designer and Developer. I love to exercise, hike, play video games, find new great restaurants, eat ice cream, and play with my kids.

Designing for No Sound

Hi Team!

One of the brands I design for does not have audio on its in-store computers. How do you balance how much text to have on-screen versus using captions? I'm wondering if having more text on the screen in a case like this (computers with no audio) might be better than relying mostly on captions.

Thanks in advance!
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Training Request Form Challenges

Hi Team!

I created my first training request form. I looked at some examples online from various sources and put one together. As I have started to use it, I noticed that some questions are not getting the results I had hoped. Particularly, I get not so helpful responses on the questions regarding:
  • outcome competencies (per Bloom's taxonomy) - they usually select too many competencies
  • desired format of the material - they typically don't know what they want, so they just say eLearning and Job Aid 
  • measuring effectiveness - they typically have trouble articulating what they want and thus need to track via the form
  • stakeholders and contributors - they tend to leave out key stakeholders and mention them later on

I always follow the request with a call to gain clarity and set expectations. However, I feel the calls could be more productive if the request form was better. I will definitely keep working on making it better, and wanted to reach out here since you all tend to have very helpful insights.

Do you use a training request form? If so, what have you found to be most helpful to ask to discover what you need to know? Also, what have you found least helpful to ask?

Thanks in advance!
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Imposter Syndrome Struggle

Hi Team!

So my imposter syndrome is syncing in heavy lately. I saw the latest video Tim shared, which was helpful to watch.

So why is it becoming more of an issue right now? Well, I am constantly being told it's taking me too long to develop things. I am not a well seasoned instructional designer but feel I have a decent grasp for my level of experience. Maybe I am taking too long, but I'm not sure. However, we are an Organization Development Team of 5 for a company of 15,000 and I'm the only Instructional Designer. We are all stretched thin and have tons of work in progress and on deck. In addition to 5 ID projects well in motion and another 3-4 in the initial content review phase (these are existing ones that will be redone), I've been working on 3 major strategic initiatives (1 of which was supposed to be for someone else that got dumped on me). Additionally, I'm not getting the support I need and have asked for several times. All that plus being told I'm taking too long is stressing me out to the breaking point.

I'm curious, how many ID projects do most instructional designers have going on at any given time? I asked on another forum and someone replied that they are usually only working on 1 sometimes 2 at a time. Does my workload seem average and I just need to keep learning and hang in there? Or is this too much?

Thanks in advance for your help and support!
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Structuring Your LMS Content

Hi Team!

How do you organize your content on your LMS? I'm exploring ways to set it up effectively. The current system is set up by several topic categories that don't make any logical sense to me and are definitely not intuitive for anyone who doesn't work in L&D.

I'm proposing something like this:
  • Leading Yourself - this would contain everything relevant as an individual contributor
  • Leading Others - this would contain everything relevant as a manager
  • Leading Leaders - this would contain everything relevant to directors, regional managers, executives, etc...

I'm not sure if this is too simple and of course we can use tags and deployment permissions and scheduling for things like onboarding or other role-specific or initiative-specific things like diversity and inclusion training, etc...

Thanks in advance!
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L&D Strategy and Career Paths Program

Hi Team,

At work, I am involved in doing a large portion of the work on overall L&D Strategy and creating a Career Paths Program.

I am very new to the L&D and would like to know; Who would you recommend connecting with or what resources would you recommend for learning to do both of these well?

For the Career Paths Program, I reached out to ATD (they didn't have any resources and told me they didn't know what to recommend) and searched online. I found several articles with bits and pieces or tips online and put together a plan from that.

For the L&D strategy, I realize that's a broad/vague topic so any advice on where to start is helpful and very appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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Choosing Simulation Modes for eLearning in Storyline

Hi Team!

I'm new to creating software simulations. I will be using Storyline 3. When/How would you recommend using each mode (video only, view, try, test)?

These simulations are for regularly used software processes but for new hires (no prior experience/knowledge of these systems or processes)? I'm trying to figure out which mode or combination of modes to use and have no idea what's the best way to go about this. Is there a recommended way based on certain criteria or is it a preference-based strategy?

Thanks in advance for any direction. I appreciate you!
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Estimating eLearning Development Time & Simulations Too

Hi There!

I've done a lot of research on estimating time from initial request to publishing of eLearning courses. There seems to be quite a bit of range and I am not sure how to estimate time for providing accurate estimates to my work. Does anyone have a great way to estimate this fairly accurately?

Also, I am creating my first software simulations and I have far less of an idea of how long that takes. Any direction or help you can provide is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!