Chris Webb

Learning and Development Expert
Iā€™m Chris Webb, and Iā€™m an organizational learning and development professional. My interests include developing training programs and materials, social learning, classroom facilitation strategies and tactics, and designing web-based courses.

Portfolio feedback

Hello, all.

I am an Adobe Captivate and Creative Cloud user, and I'm looking for some feedback on my portfolio.

If you have a moment, please visit my portfolio and view my three examples.

I would love to get any feedback you may have on the content/experience.

Thanks in advance!

āœŒļø Chris

Greetings from Houston, TX

Hello, all!
I've been in organizational L&D for most of my adult life.
I started my journey as a sergeant in the US Army, where I taught and mentored soldiers. Then I directed my experiences and education over the past 20 years toward learning more about how people learn.
I consider myself an "L&D unicorn" as I enjoy facilitation, instructional design, program design, and creating and managing social learning programs.
My preferred elearning authoring software is Adobe Captivate.
I'm here to network, learn, and help where I can.
āœŒļø Chris
P.S. Here is my dog Basie!ļ»æ
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