Gunjan Bhattacharjee

Instructional Design Padawan at Cognizant
Former K-12 Educator successfully transitioned into Instructional Designing
Hello Everyone,Β 

I am Gunjan from India; I have been following Tim's work for quite a while now. I came across his post today featuring the link to this community.Β 

A quick little background about me, I have been an educator for the past six years; last year, I successfully switched to Instructional Designing. Currently, I work with Cognizant Technology Solutions as an Associate Instructional Designer.Β 

As I said, I have been following Tim's work and few others for a long time and was convinced that a portfolio is an absolute requirement to showcase my skills; I have successfully created my portfolio as wellΒ 

Link πŸ‘‰Β 

Looking forward to interacting and getting to know the wonderful people of this community.Β 
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