Paula Obrien

Instructional Designer šŸŒ»
I love all things instructional design and eLearning! And yes, Iā€™m really formally educated in instructional design & chose to be in this awesome field!

My friends breaking into instructional design, this sounds like KNOCK has a great opportunity! Their goals are huge (100% customer retention)

Advanced Triggers for Advanced Interaction!

Ever dream up an interaction only to find out Storyline doesn't have a default action for what you want to do? Don't be limited! Learn to use triggers and advanced triggers (those pesky if/then statements that refine your design)! This quick example shows triggers for setting the answer buttons back to normal when an alternate button is pressed. This ensures only one button shows up green (selected) at a time!ļ»æ
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Example 1 of Animated Entrance

Are you new to entrance animations? You can use a combination of Animation from the ribbon AND changes to the objects on your timeline! These two pieces together will get you where you need to go! Let's see your examples! Here's my first example, audio narration is in progress,then this will be synched with narration.Ā #eLearning #KellersARCS #Attention ļ»æ
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Cheers from Nashville!

Hello! I'm super excited to be here!Ā 

I'm a Sr. Instructional Designer in Nashville working on eLearning for pharmacists. I love what I do for a living & have been at it since 2006, serving up courses for enlisted military, veterans, and medical personnel. I'm here to ensure my skills stay fresh and to learn new things! I'm sure this group will push me to look at design and content in new ways, and I'll use that to excel in creating engaging courses for our teams!Ā 

I look forward to learning with and from you! šŸ™Œ

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