Michelle Pownall

Program Manager for School Counselors, Instructional Designer
I've been an educator for 17 years. I was in the classroom for 10 and have been a school counselor for 7. I love traveling, photography, afternoon tea, and Disney.
 Elaine Fowler Sharp  Jacob is correct. Bachelors in anything then you can teach English in Korea. Dave's ESL Cafe is a good site for information. They have forums, so she can do some research. There are also a lot of FB groups for expats in Korea. You can learn a lot from people there as well.
I finished my first eLearning course after finishing the academy. 

I'd be really interested in this for home dialysis as a family member just went on it.
 Mary Mills  Ooo, I've not used this before. I've used Pixabay normally. I have bookmarked this. Thank you.
 Tim Slade  Oh wow! Well, I'd love to chat Korea with you both. My youngest was born there and after living there for 8 years, I know a lot about the culture. Sadly I never made it to the DMZ due to never having a sitter for my kids!