Zeinab Khalifa

Learning Experience Designer
Hello Everyone! I'm Zeinab and I currently work as an Instructional Designer & eLearning developer. I'm also an avid swimmer and a Lefty (my discussions signature Lefty ID)

My Portfolio is finally here!

So I have seized the opportunity of October portfolio challenge, and I designed my portfolio finally!!

I'm super excited to know all your feedback since this is my first time designing a website.

I hope that people who know me here, will recognize me in this design. I wanted to create something that truly represents me.

Thanks ο»Ώ Tim Slade ο»Ώ, this was the push I needed to do this and stop putting it off.Β 

Portfolio link: https://sites.google.com/view/zeinablxd/home
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JavaScript code needed!

Hello Everyone!Β 

I know this is a bit technical, but I need help with this as I can't wrap my head around it.Β 

I'm designing a system simulation training, where the learners go through a tutorial and then practice using the system simulator.Β 

I added variables to measure their ability in using the system correctly:Β 
Count of Correct Clicks
Count of Incorrect Clicks
Count of Clicks on HintsΒ 
Total number of ClicksΒ 
Required number of Clicks per moduleΒ 

I need to add a button at the end of the program to execute JavaScript to send an email to the trainer capturing all the above variables.Β 

I've looked through many articles in the ELH community, but I don't understand much because I have zero knowledge of coding or programming.Β 

VO Template

Hello Community!!Β 

This is becoming more and more like a second family to me. What an opportunity to connect, communicate and learn from each other in such a warm, safe & welcoming environment.Β 

So my question of the day is, Do you use a template for voice over to make the VO artist life a bit easier ? or do you publish to word and hand the document over to the VO artist (that's what I'm currently doing, and it's a mess πŸ˜•).Β 

I guess I'm looking for an organized VO template like a checklist for the VO artist, so no script or record is missed, and my life gets easier when editing.Β 
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I'm kinda Stuck ...

I'm working now on designing a course about Menopause Awareness. I'm very passionate about the topic. My goal is to provoke thoughtful and deep conversations about it and provide support in the workplace for our colleagues who are going through menopause or menopausal symptoms.Β 

I'm pretty clear on the content, yet I can't find graphics or assets that fit the design to save my life.Β 

So, I need help finding assets and graphics to make the course look polished and help get the message across.Β 
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My 1st Post πŸ˜„

Hello my fellow IDs from all around the World

I'm Zeinab , from Cairo, Egypt. I work as an Instructional Designer and eLearning developer.
I only learnt about instructional design in 2019 and officially started in my current role this year Jan 2021.

I recently got my APTD certification πŸŽ“ Yaay!!!

I have been a corporate trainer for 3 years before πŸ˜€

Most importantly I have passion for ID , and I think that's what I want to do for the rest of my life. (A-A-Ay I'm on vacation, every single day coz I love my occupation πŸ˜… had to throw this cheese ball)

I think of ID as a mix of art & science πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨+πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ while it's important to really understand how people learn and the science behind it , you get also know about color theory, UX/UI & graphic design like a proper artist.

I'm also a Lefty , and I dream to see the aurora lights one day. ο»Ώ
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