Hi Laura! I started my career in education as a K-12 classroom teacher. I've been working in ID for almost twenty years now. I'm sure you'll find the perfect place!
I procrastinated about creating an online portfolio for years, until I ran out of options for easily sharing my work online. I knew I needed one, but I'm not a web developer and creating a portfolio website seemed overwhelming. Then I stumbled on Bryan Jones's portfolio building class that includes creating a WordPress website. It was the best investment I've made in my professional development in years, maybe ever! I learned so much about what to include, how to structure examples, how to create examples when so much of my work was proprietary, and more. The cohort was supportive and great about reviewing and giving feedback. My portfolio is still a work in progress, but it wouldn't even exist without Bryan's class--and it just landed me a lucrative contract! If you are in a position to invest in yourself, I highly recommend this course. It's a steal at only $299! You can copy and paste to visit the page: https://elearningart.com/portfolio-pricing
ο»Ώ Lucy Wood ο»ΏΒ Yes! I love being able to grab a background, a couple of characters and maybe a few props, and build a custom image in just a few minutes. Bryan is really responsive - I'm sure he'd be happy to look into helping you with your image needs.
Can't do without my subscription to Bryan Jones' elearningart.com. Excellent resource for characters and backgrounds, and he's a just a great person.