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Feedback requested: Pass-Off Sheet Course

Hi everyone, Alison Cloutier and I have been working on a course to support operations support specialists (OSS) at a private airline. We created a pass-off sheet to help the OSS document important information about each flight. Can you give us some feedback?

Here is the link to the course:

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Can I get some feedback?

Update:Β  Thanks for the feedback. Here is the sample I just sent:

If you have more feedback, I'll take it. Regardless of the outcome of the job prospect, I'm going to use this piece in my portfolio.Β 

Hi Everyone! I am creating a sample piece for a hiring manager as part of the interview process. I was asked to create a sample about how to use a new product for front desk agents at a hotel. The hiring manager is specifically looking for:
- 3 -4 objectives
- graphic placement
- content is segmented in a logical way
- how well it tells a story.

I picked red because the software they use has red, gray, and white as the brand colors. They also use Roboto text on their website, so I used that as the body.

Let me know what you think! It's due tomorrow, so I'm hoping I can get some feedback to improve it tomorrow, iterate and submit it. Whatever happens, I'm hoping to use this as a portfolio piece in the future as well, so even feedback that comes in later would be greatly appreciated.

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Job Aid

Hi Everyone,
Β Can you look at the infographic? Any feedback is appreciated - especially if there is something that looks inconsistent - a color, a shape, or misalignment.

I'm creating a course about airplane marshaling as a piece for my portfolio. There are two images because this course is for ramp agents that do the marshalling. I wanted to show what it looks like to pilots as well as what it looks like from behind because I think the ramp agents would prefer visualizing how to perform the signals from their perspective. ο»Ώ
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