Farhana Hasan

Instructional Designer Wannabe
Hey everyone! I am a current graduate student looking to transition into the ID world! I spent the last 6 years exploring careers/jobs and traveling. I was a former Adult Education Instructor, program manager and legal case manager.

L&D vs ID

Hello Community,

This is a long introduction and might be a sensitive topic... I am looking for advice so that I can strategically grow as a corporate learning professional.

I am currently a graduate student in learning design and am a L&D intern at a tech company. In my coursework, I am creating projects that are similar to what I see in many ID portfolios.

At my internship, there's some ID components to my work, but mostly a lot of departmental strategic planning (which I don't normally associate with ID roles). It's also my first month, so I'm still a newbie. 😃

So my questions are:
  1. Is there a significant difference between ID and L&D roles in terms of salary and potential career growth? Are IDs more in demand because of dev skills etc. Initial salary research doesn't seem to indicate a significant salary difference, but I am curious if your experience says otherwise
  2. Are L&D and ID roles interchangeable? For example, if I start as L&D, can I get into an ID role at my next job (so long as I have a good portfolio and understanding etc) and then jump back to L&D roles later? Or are they strict job roles/categories that define your professional identity?

I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to ask, but I have already tried to ask people at work and in school, and didn't feel like I received forthright answers. I am really looking for some clarity! Thank you!
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Discount Code for Articulate 360

I'm not really sure where to post this, but does anyone know about any additional discount codes for articulate (outside of the free month and academic pricing- which is still a whopping $499)! 
I am a graduate student, so the budget is a bit tight. I wanted to spend the next year playing around on articulate so that I can get better at it! (My school doesn't offer any discounts on it- I checked)
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Hi everyone! I'm in the Seattle area and am reluctantly starting a graduate program in Learning Design 😃

I spent the last 6 years working as an Adult Education Instructor, Program Manger and Legal Case Manager.  This gave me a good outlook on different fields. I don't have any corporate instructional design experience, and I'd love to transition into it. I'm working on my portfolio, so I'd appreciate any mentorship or pointers along the way!
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