David Gilbert

Professional Voice Over Talent
Hey everyone! I'm a voice over talent and single father of two grown kids (well, 19 and 21) and I spend my days talking to myself in a 3x3' padded cell! No, I'm not crazy - though my daughter thinks I am! Love to connect and hear about you!

Great remote opportunity

Great company!

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New Job Opportunity

Hi. Just saw this so passing it along: https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGnewUI/Search/home/HomeWithPreLoad?PageType=JobDetails&partnerid=25160&siteid=36&Areq=283978BR#jobDetails=1578332_36

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No obligation feedback

Hello all! After presenting a session titled "Everything you've ever wanted to know about narrating your own eLearning...but were afraid to ask" at the Canadian eLearning conference last week (amongst some amazing folks), I'd like to keep the giving going by offering to provide my analysis/feedback for anyone's audio they produce while narrating their own eLearning.

You can ask me anything about your environment, equipment, editing, delivery, or scripting.

Just send an email to david@davidgilbertvoiceover.com and attach your audio file/script if you wish - or we can chat first. Whatever works for you. 

Make sure to have "eLearning Academy" in your subject line so I know where you came from.

Oh, yeah, and if you mention "resources" I'll send you the link to the entire conference presentation plus PDF chock full of helpful links.

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Free Conference Next Week!

Hey everyone. If anyone is interested in seeing some new/first-time presenters at a learning and development conference next week - yes, free - by all means we'd welcome you to join us.

Registration and full info is here: https://www.linkedin.com/events/welcomeintotheawesome-collabbet6806146053834989568/

Hope to see you there!

Have a great week.
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Hello beautiful people!

Hi. Much gratitude first to Tim for setting this all up!

What inspires you?      Comment below if you wish.

Helping people inspires me. Truly. When I get off a 1-on-1 zoom chat with someone I met online or in-person, and I'm able to positively impact their life, that brings me so much happiness and inspiration. Yes, I am a voice actor who helps companies communicate their stories to their audiences, but that's what I "do," not who I am.

After spending 24-years in the consumer good business in a variety of sales & marketing roles, I've never found a community like the L&D community (which, BTW, is just as caring, helpful and supportive as the voiceover community). It's like we're living inside a bubble within the greater economy. And I couldn't be happier!

So, when I reach out to you and say "how can I help you" or "what do you need help with today," hopefully you'll know that I truly, deeply mean it.

Let's connect and really connect (if you want to)!


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