Alison Cloutier

Former Teacher - Newbie ID


Hi everyone!

I hope this is okay to ask...does anyone have any insight/reviews of NIIT? I spoke with a manager today and he wants to put me on a project after I interview with the client. Since I'm new to the ID world, I wanted to see if anyone has ever worked for or heard of NIIT that could give me some insights. Thanks and happy Friday!
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How to start as a contractor

Hi everyone! I am seeking help and advice from this amazing community. I have been teaching high school for 17 years and am transitioning to the world of ID. As I continue to apply and wait for some good news on a new position, I have opened my search up for part-time contract work. I figure if I don't find a full-time position before Aug. 1 and I need to go back to the classroom, this will at least get me more specific experience and help boost my resume and portfolio. The problem is, I have never done independent contract work and I have no idea where to start or how to begin this process. Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to start? THANK YOU!
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Teacher trying to break in

Hello! My name is Alison Cloutier and after 17 years as a high school teacher, I've decided to join the world of ID. I have been applying to tons of jobs and getting the normal "you're experience is impressive but we're going with a candidate that more closely matches our needs." I have joined the NovoEd course on LXD and am working on adding to my portfolio. Happy to connect with anyone on Linkedin and more than willing to accept help/advice/critiques. 🙂
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