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Targeted Training ( in process)
Hi! I am an instructional designer w/ an IT background returning to this field after a career break. Random useless facts...I designed a patent pending product to help protect riders & drivers during the pandemic. It has been used by movie stars etc

Chicago Greetings!

Hello All,
I am excited like many of you to be in this community!Β  IΒ  was in IT for 12+ years before I took a break to take care of my visually disabled son.Β  He is now ( fall) accepted to the University of Chicago (proud mom moment :-) and I am excited to getting back into the game.
I had started down this "re-entry" path prior to Covid.Β  I took a little detour to develop two products to help in Covid. My husband is an ER doc in the busiest ER in the country. He told me of a problem they were having in the ER.
1) the first product I developed was a small, portable, disposable, lightweight, and inexpensive intubation tent.Β  The problem first responders were facing was not having enough coverage during the intubation for Covid patients. (Intubation is where they stick a tube down your throat to help you breath. It is a very delicate procedure and can be "messy". Β  There was a plexiglass intubation box- about 2x2 that was out there.Β  The problem was that is that it is an a cumbersome and heavy 2x2Β  box and not very "portable" and had to be cleaned. I developed something that can easily be put up in seconds and cover the patient and protect the health care workers.Β  It can easily be stored and placed on a crash cart andΒ  it is disposable. ( patent in process) 2) The second thing I invented (Patent pending) is a shield to protect drivers and riders. (think Uber and Lyft drivers).Β  It is lightweight, portable, and can easily be installed in any car and gives the greatest protection out there to protect drivers from riders.Β  It covers from ceiling to base of seats, can fit any car, conforms to any ceiling, does no damage to your car, and adjusts to any seat alignment. Β  It is safe to use in a car going 65 mph. It has been sold coast to coast and internationally and it has been used by movie stars and the companies who insure them. Both products are woman designed and created- start to finish).Β  I was the only one who figured out how to defy gravity :-) so, that made me pretty happy. It's pretty cool! Β 
Β  So, now that the need is not so great, I am getting back to ID and working on finessing my skills and working on my portfolio. I am looking forward to learning from all of you and from Tim.Β  Great to be in this community!!!
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