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Top 5 Reasons Why You Wouldn't Hire Me

Happy Friday, Y'All! It's been a while since I posted anything in this community, and I wanted to reach out and hear how you'd respond to my question.Β 

Here's the situation.

Β Over the past few months, I've applied for several ID contract positions. Most of the time, my application gets a "thanks but no thanks" response. But, this last application, I got an interview and was in the top three candidates for the position. It would have been an excellent gig for me that tapped into my skills and experiences - qualitative research, storyboarding, scriptwriting, learning experience design, and using Articulate. But, as you can see, I didn't get the contract. Bummer! It was with an organization I have great respect for in that they do lovely professional development.

I recently heard someone say that you've got to understand the top five reasons why people wouldn't hire you so you can write an agreement plan that assures people they're not wasting their time and money on you when you're hired for the job. Makes perfect sense. The problem is, I can only come up with one reason - instructional design experience outside the education/ higher ed world. Yes, the dreaded E-word ... Experience!

So, I pose this question to you. What would be the top five reasons why you wouldn't hire me? Then, what advice would you give me to sure-up these reasons?

For many of us out there, the pivot from teaching to learning experience design has been complicated. Perhaps this discussion can help us develop an agreement plan that clearly lets folks know we're worth the time and money.Β 

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and respond to my question. Happy Friday!
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Storyline and Continuous BKG Music

Hi Friends! So this week's motto is "Do something new, even if you are bad at it." I was inspired by ο»Ώ Bela Gaytan ο»Ώ and her 360-degree submission. It's amazing if you haven't seen it. Go see it. She does a great job.
So, I'm reading and watched and followed every piece of advice the internet has to offer. So here's my question - How do you add audio in Storyline that plays over several slides? And, can you use one audio file in the beginning and then several slides later change to a different audio file?Β 

I literally did everything Mark Sperman and the eLearning Hero's Community said to do and it doesn't work. Out the gate, the index.html folder I create with my MP3 file isn't a web address. It remains a text file. The Java Script is confusing from author to author.Β  I'm at a loss and would love to tackle this beast.

So if you have a solution or words of wisdom, I greatly appreciate your help. And if not, have a glass of wine and just know that it's okay to be bad at something!Β  Jim
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Website blog post not publishing correctly in LinkedIn

Hi everyone!

So here's my issue. About a month ago, I changed my WordPress theme to Salient. I love it. Great theme. Today, I published a blog post on my website and linked it to also publicize on LinkedIn. This is what I got.
ο»ΏIn the past, when I did this, the featured image would appear on LinkedIn, and everything looked fine. I did some research, and every suggestion I found didn't work. I hope that there's an easy solution to this problem, other than purchasing a plugin. (I'm spent out!)

Any experience with this? If so, what advice do you have that you could share with me? I'm stumped!Β  Thanks!
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LinkedIn Premium, is it worth it?

Hi friends. So I'm very interested to hear what you all think about the upgrade in LinkedIn. Is it worth it? Thanks for your feedback and advice.
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As an instructional designer, have you ...

Ever been asked to do something that didn't feel right? I ask this question because last week, Devlin Peck had the amazing Cara North on his bi-weekly Crowdcast. Cara was doing a mock interview. It was a great session. During the interview, Cara asked a fascinating question, basically asking how you would address a stakeholder who comes to you, a member of the ID team, and asked you to put a PowerPoint presentation on the LMS, basically bypassing the ID process. This got me thinking, as someone new to the ID and L&D world, are there ethical issues that ID professionals face that we should consider? Do "we" have a code of ethics for our profession? As an ID, have you faced any issues regarding privacy, accessibility, fairness, consequences, feeling used by someone in the organization, or issues of compassion or care? I'm inquisitive! I can't help it.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and stories about the ethical considerations for our profession. No names, please. We want to be ethical and fair to our fellow human beings. 😁
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I'd like your feedback

As I mentioned in my introduction, I am new to the amazing world of instructional design and would like to hear your feedback about my website (portfolio+blog) and my LinkedIn page. My pivot into my next career has been exciting and a huge shift for me. I'd like to hear what you think about these sites, what I need to do to improve them, what to chuck, what to add, you know, all the things.Β  Here are the links. Thank you in advance for your feedback!

ο»Ώ ο»Ώ
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Hi Everyone!

I'm Jim, and I'm new to the e-learning world of instructional design. Actually, I'm not new to instructional design or online learning. I'm a former teacher, college professor, and theatre educator. I tell people that I have been rehearsing for most of my life to do what I really love to do, and that is design instruction and materials that help people reach their full potential. Instructional design ties together so many of my talents and skills. I'm thankful that I've had this year to pivot into the second half of my career.

I'm delighted to be a part of this community. Tim Slade has been an incredible mentor and a tremendous advisor for me these past few months. I am so thankful for his generosity.Β 

I look forward to meeting you all and sharing out with this group.Β 
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