Kris Taylor

L&D Specialist, BCCNM,
A L&D professional with over 8 years in the learning design space. Lives in Vancouver BC, and loves Formula 1, basketball and hockey.

Assessment & evaluation

Hey Tim, just wondering if you are able to make a video on your specific method of how you conduct a needs assessment as well as how you evaluate your learning programs?
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Storyline Training

Hey Tim,

I was wondering if you still have you Storyline courses for sale, as all I see are your virtual facilitated workshops since you updated tour brand and site.

The courses would suit me really well, as I haven’t done too much in Storyline but want to develop my skills.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.
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Blog post advice

Hi all, I am writing a new blog post on my site called (, all about what the best qualities and skills of a corporate trainer /instructional designer in 2021 are and wanted to get some advice from people here.

I feel it’s always best to go straight to the source, to people that do this role day in day out, whether you are an individual contributor or at management level.

It would be great to know your thoughts, what do you think are the best qualities or skills of someone in our profession in 2021?

Hope this sly attempt of self-promotion is ok Tim.

Thanks so much

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Privacy / Security vs user experience

Hi everyone,

I would like some advice if possible.

I guess this question is for everyone but peeps in the corporate space may have encountered this issue more.

At my place of work I am involved in the L&D area a lot of the time on new tech product rollouts, and we have a bit of a tug of war happening which has been going on for years now.

On one side you have privacy and security and on the other you have user experience.

I always fight for user experience to be high up in stakeholders and PM’s minds and fight on behalf of staff who are begging for simple, easy to use products.
The other side is due to regulations mainly, our privacy and security team is unbelievably conservative and wants to lock most functions down to the point where a product just becomes a lifeless husk, and features that makes the product good in the 1st place are removed or hidden on privacy or security grounds.

This clearly makes the user experience worse most of the time, and sometimes I feel alone in attempting to inject common sense into the conversation.

This is before I can even attempt needs assessments, analyzing data, or ID design.

Would love some thoughts on people who face these issues and how you go about them?


Needs assessments

Hi everyone,

I am in the process in researching instruments for creating an organization wide skills & knowledge needs assessment for gathering quantitative and qualitative data as well as a gap analysis, and was wondering if I could garner some advice on this.

How do you guys go about it? Do you use templates, do you have assessment tools you use to accomplish these types of assessments?

The main aim is quite broad, which is to ascertain what knowledge and skills gaps exist, what the desired behaviour is which would be needed to accomplish certain tasks, and then analyze data.

Any help on approaches, templates, examples or processes would be very helpful.



Hey from Vancouver BC

My name and is Kris Taylor and I’m a learning and development specialist in Vancouver, Canada working in the healthcare field.

Big thanks to Tim for creating this community, this is definitely a good way for training a d L&D professionals to talk shop.

I have worked in L&D for 8 years and am really enjoying taking on the role of an eLearning designer and transforming traditional learning content into interactive online material that engages employees and provides a great user experience.

Looking forward to networking with some great people on here

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