Alicia Viera

Bilingual Learning Experience Designer
Hi all! I'm a (former?)museum professional and higher ed instructor (and graphic designer too!) now learning about all things Instructional Design & eLearning. I just became an eLearning Designer's Academy student. Happy to be part of this community!

Finally, my almost-finished Webistia SL project!

Well, it took me a while but here is my Webistia project. This is going to become my capstone portfolio project so I'd really appreciate all the feedback I can get from ο»Ώ Tim Slade ο»Ώ, eLearning Designer's Academy folks, and the community at large! I'm planning on making this a case study to include the course outline, timeline, and storyboard I wrote this Summer when I was in the academy, but this sample will be by far my flagship Storyline project for now as it'll be my longest and most complex SL sample so I really need your honest feedback! And please, don't hold back on your comments. I promise I can take it ;)

Here is the link:
Disclaimer: I'm still fixing some little and not so little things here and there as I'm aware of some inconsistencies and some things I'm not happy with that I also want to address.

While you review it, if I may ask, please let me know if you think I should have included narration. I initially had narration when creating my storyboard for it but it just took me too long to get this done without it with everything else I have going on at the moment, so at this point I'm not sure I want to add it. I may use narration on another sample later instead. I do think it would make this sample more complete but... What do you all think? I'm open to ideas and all kinds of feedback. Thanks, everyone!
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Have you tried 7taps?

I recently decided to and I enjoyed the experience. If you are not familiar with 7taps, it's a platform for creating mobile-first microlearning courses. There are definitely things I like and don't like about it but I'm glad I tried it! I can say that it's easy to use, it makes microlearning fun with the use of gifs, etc. and most of all, it really challenged me to be concise with my writing (although I think I failed at that a bit as my course is a little too long... LOL)! Check out my LinkedIn post with the link to my mini-course below. I didn't use all the bells and whistles, by the way. I didn't want to use some features such as AI video, audio, etc. just for the sake of using them...
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Do you have experience using Javascript in Storyline? If so, I need your help!

Hi everyone! I’m looking for some help with Javascript for Storyline. I’ve been creating a sample for my portfolio in which I added a SystemTime variable with Javascript to display the current time on a slide. I followed some suggestions fromΒ  Articulate community members that worked great. However, the time was initially set up in 24 hr format, which wasn’t what I wanted. I was able to find a solution to change it to a 12 hr format BUT my problem now is that I don’t know how to display the AM or PM next to it. Any pointers from those experienced in Javascript would be greatly appreciated!Β 
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Feedback needed

Update - Just thought I'd share a link to the updated sample in case anyone wants to take a look: I made a number of changes to it and submitted it for consideration. Fingers crossed! Thanks ο»Ώ Tim Slade ο»Ώ for your valuable feedback! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to figure out how to change the design of the feedback master slide, even after reading a bit about that, but will continue to look into that in the future. If anyone has any additional feedback, I'll still appreciate it and consider it. I'll eventually include a modified version of this sample in my portfolio in a week or two so I can still make some more improvements to it πŸ˜ƒ ο»Ώ
ο»ΏHi all!
I had to put together a quick sample for a job application (which ended up being not so quick after all!). I'm still fixing some of the animations and am currently trying to figure out why the web object is not loading. Regardless, I would really appreciate some feedback from anyone willing to spare a few minutes to take a look. Disclamer: It's definitely a work in progress and there are things that still bother me when I look at it (such as the icons, which don't look very cohesive in size and style, etc.) but I'm calling it done very soon because if not, I will continue working on it forever ;)
Here is the link to my current draft. Thanks a bunch!
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ID/eLearning Resume samples

Hi everyone!
Is anyone willing to share their resumes? As I change careers (I'm coming from the world of art museums and academia), I'm having a hard time converting my long CV with a lot of unrelated information to a 1-2 page resume suitable for ID/eLearning positions. It would really help me to take a look at other people's resumes as I work on mine! I've already asked in the eLearning Designer's Academy, which I'm now part of, and some fellow cohort members already shared theirs, but thought I'd ask here too. My goal is to start applying for ID/eLearning jobs by next month, btw, so I have to move fast 😁
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Question for Mac users

Hi there! Does anyone here use VirtualBox as an alternative to Parallels? I'm trying to figure it out and haven't been successful so far 😞