Laura DiPietro

Instructional Designer
Hi all! I am a Masters student in Purdue's Learning Design & Technology program. On the side, I freelance as an Instructional Designer. My background in Horticulture has given me a niche in garden education design!

Hello from a newbie :)

I am just entering the world of Instructional Design and working on building my portfolio and professional presence. My primary role right now is that of a student in Purdue's Learning Design & Technology Masters program. I have been freelancing on the side to gain professional experience (and a little $$$ πŸ˜„).Β 

I am passionate about plants, people, and innovation. In my free time I love to experiment with technology and social media to try and engage a younger generation in non-traditional learning. I've got a lot to learn, andΒ would love your advice!Β Please don't hesitate to share any of your input and wisdom with me.Β 
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