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Fueled by Starbucks, I create learning solutions and spaces. Outside of L&D, I am a dad of 2 voiceover artists, Disney park expert, and wellness/biohack enthusiast.

Johnson & Johnson seeking

J&J has posted several positions in the L&D function. Most are a bit higher-level/experienced, but if you have the qualifications, we are starting to build a more centralized global learning function (exciting times).

Note: I am not directly part of this team, nor on the hiring committee.
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Bring your portfolio to another level

So, you can find gorgeous things on the internet everywhere. And, some are even decent with interactions (Articulate Challenges shoutout).  I can toss a stick in any direction and hit a neato screen with some moving widgets and feedback.

But, how many L&D folks actually know how to get good DATA back to the business?  That tends to thin the herd a bit.

Yes, pretty screens and whiz-bang interactions are fun, but L&D is serious business, and we should be able to answer serious questions like "how many attempts does it take for a user to correctly do this process?", "what is the most common error by users at various levels?", "what is the most common incorrect action?", etc...

So, I have a strategy for you to bring something into your interview that most people cannot or will not: GREAT DATA.  

I would put my portfolio samples (curated for specific clients) on SCORMCloud, and ensure that the asset collected GREAT data (some examples are above). And I would show up to the interview with data - often data that their own learning team ISN'T providing on a regular basis.

Just an idea to truly distinguish yourself from the pack.  You may compete against many with some great-looking samples in their portfolio. However, I could go to a conference with 1000s of people and barely fill one room with folks who really do anything in the data and reporting space.

It's not that tough, and with SCORMCloud test account, you can do this for free (there are other LRSs and even LMSs with free tiers that would allow you to do similar).

Give it some thought and use the strategy if it will help- it really has worked wonders for me. So much so that I actually stopped putting out a public portfolio over 5 years ago (YMMV).
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Fueled by Starbucks, I help people be more gooder

Not into serious intros (as you can tell by the post header).  Been in L&D over 20 years. Stand up facilitation, LMS Admin, course development, etc...  Seen a ton of things from many angles.

Currently living near Disney World.  I joined because Tim shares great resources and I figured if he built a community, it could be a way for me to pitch in too.

I hope to be doing the same types of things I do right now in the future- just with better abs.
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